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Myanmar Mosaic is the fruit of our  passion for travel and our desire to help others.

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Consult this section if you prefer planning your trip on the basis of your favorite theme(s). If  you are into sports, you will find the relevant information in our activities section while our itineraries chapter will help you choose your trip.


If you are into sports, a nature loving trekker, interested in the cultural aspects of the country, if you simply wish to relax on one of the many beautiful beaches that Myanmar offers or relax on a cruise, you should find what you are looking for here.


vcvcvvcIn this section, you will find proposals in the form of suggested itineraries, ranging from 7 days up to 2 weeks, including extensions for hose visitors who stay longer than a fortnight. Our guests can also create their own by using the form designed to that effect.

Places to go


We ave inserted interactive maps to help you find the various places of interest mentioned in this section as well as map of the country for those who wish to get the broader view of this large country made of a true Mosaic of different ethnic groups.


Definitely one of the most fascinating natural environments to visit with its unique life-style and friendly and easy going natives. You will especially enjoy hiking up the Shan hills on both sides of the lake or visit one of the bustling markets.


Describing the unique scenery and atmosphere of this fascinating place is quite a challenge; why don't you hop on a horse-drawn carriage to enjoy this wonderful experience or fly over the thousands of temples spread around (see ballons over Bagan).

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Essential Information

Do I need a visa? What should I take and wear? What is the weather like? When should I go? Do I need insurance? You will find useful information about these and other subjects here, but don't forget to consult specialised guides for additional information or contact us if you need help.


Myanmar has become an increasingly popular destination since late 2011 and the touristic infrastructure is struggling to cope with the demand. We urge you to start planning and booking well in advance - at least 12 months if you are planning to visit during the high season (from October to February).


If you are not familiar yet with Myanmar, we strongly recommend that you read this section to avoid unpleasant surprises. You may also want to consult the Internet or our blog for updates on the topic as the country is undergoing significant changes.

Places to go

Inle Lake at sunset - perhaps the most beautiful sunset one can admire in this area - do try to book a hotel on the Eastern shore to fully enjoy this unique spectacle. And there is so much more to enjoy there....

Important news

Read this section carefully as it contains up-to-date information which may impact your upcoming trip, e.g. on visas, travel restrictions, airlines or hotels, etc. It will also let you about any other important event that might take place during your visit.

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This section contains all relevant information about itineraries and how to book your trip.

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